December 14, 2006

I am Brockeim.

I am Brockeim.

Stunningly literate,
thoroughly competent,
yet everything you think I'm not.

I stand in front
of statues and laugh,
but in their shadow,
I avoid the harsh sunlight.

Reduced often to mediocrity,
I wander looking for that sunlight
so I can again find shade.

I am Brockeim.

I hope you like my reviews and parodies and are able to see more in a product than its face value.

Looking to have a product flourish through a Brockeim-style review? I'll taste it, wear it, use it, and then give my impressions. E-mail me for postal mailing information.

brockeim ((@))
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@bdul muHib said...

Congratulations on beginning a whole new addiction! :-)

Brockeim said...

The addiction is worse than I expected. I am developing a complete site which is hopefully not more than two months out to launch.

I can't say I was not warned.