December 29, 2006

String - 25 Uses and Beyond: Truth and Fun

post your string uses

What is String?

  • The twining of two or more distinct threads
  • A thread made of two ends, spanning the distance thinly, and able to be twined with another such thread

When was the first string invented? It depends on how you define string. Is it the twining of two long threads, a strip of animal fur or skin, a strong blade of grass? It seems reasonable to presume string was among the first things humans used when trying to figure out the way to hold their wooly mammoth britches up, or to afix a sharp stone to a stick to create a spear. I wasn't there and I am not an anthropologist, so I don't know.

  1. Cat's Play
    You've surely seen Fluffy having a one kitty party with a ball of yarn, haven't you?
  2. Eyeglass Repair
    The geeks may inherit the earth, but if they use this technique, they will look silly doing it. Revenge of the Nerds viewers have seen tape in the same manner.
  3. Mouse Lasso
    What's he trying to catch, a cockroach? All the power to him, though I don't think mice eat bugs.
  4. Electrical Testing Apparatus
    Ben Franklin used this in various experiments, including his now famous zapped-by-the-key kite routine.
  5. Underwater Worm Release Program
    Rarely successful for releasing worms back into the wild, it has served as a way to catch fish, though a hook and pole will increase your chances.
  6. Clothes
    You'll need a lot of more strings and a treadle, but with some know-how and a loom, you might be on top of fashion before you know it.
  7. Bikini Savior
    I know you ogling men keep hoping that thin spaghetti strap doesn't do its job, but as a holder-upper of sundry swimwear, it is par excellance.
  8. String Cheese
    Milk is liquid and cheese might technically be too, but this yummy mozzarella can be torn off in string-like portions.
  9. Baloney
    Tall-tales, to be exact. A good yarn is always a good time. The less true and more believable the story, the better. If you can work in something about a big blue ox, you've done well.
  10. Plant Noose
    No, it isn't a form of lynching, but as a way to assist the plant to grow one way or another. In my house, plants all die, so I forgo the string.
  11. Reminder
    Remember Ernie (of Burt and Ernie fame) used this on Sesame Street. He tied a string on his finger to remind him of the string on his finger about the string on his finger.
  12. Dental Floss
    Nasty plaque needs to be dealt with aggressively. Floss after each meal or else gum your food when you're 50.
  13. Shoe Laces
    Betcha think, "Oh, I knew that one." Laces are strings doing undercover gumshoe work.
  14. Suspenders
    You got it, thick strings. This brings us back to mammoth britches, but not the kind Clydesdale men wear.
  15. Violin Music Makers
    No strings, no music. If you heard me play, you might not think strings are such a great thing.
  16. Tow Rope
    That's 'tow' not 'toe'. If you lived in Illinois like we do, you'd know the value of a tow rope whenever the weather conked your car.
  17. Blinds Thread
    Look at the blinds on your window. See that string going vertically? Without it, all you've got is a bunch of plastic strips, too much sunlight and not enough privacy.
  18. Bookbinder
    In high quality books, bookbinders thread parts of the book together to create sections they then put together.
  19. Baseballs
    Ever slice one of these babies open? It is mostly string. You've also got the lacing on the outside, use of which is crucial to a good curve ball or slider.
  20. String Beans
    These tasty beans aren't made of string, but if you break one open, you'll see where they get their name. There's a thin string following the length of the bean.
  21. God
    God is not a string, and, in fact, is not able to be described in physical terms, but in Jonathan Edwards's famous sermon, Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, the preacher uses the image of God holding man over hellfire and brimstone: "... you are held over in the hand of that God, whose wrath is provoked and incensed as much against you, as against many of the damned in hell. You hang by a slender thread, with the flames of divine wrath flashing about it..." I hope it is a strong thread. I thank God he hasn't let go.
  22. Dating
    Stringing someone along is not the most honorable of dating methods, but it exists.
  23. A Mathematical Theory
    It all deals with cosmology (not cosmetology -- I had to look this up). It uses terms like excitation modes, Planck length, and supersymmetry. and deals with quantum gravity. Frankly, I no have idea what I'm talking about.
  24. Art Form
    Ever make a Cat's Cradle or Jacob's Ladder? A little yarn, a rainy day, nimble fingers and you've got yourself a good time. Follow-up with some cardhouses.
  25. Barbed Wire
    Thorny and prickly as it may be, this metal barrier is a form of string.

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