January 04, 2007

Easily Stains with Lost Love - Hand-Embroidered Handkerchiefs reviewed

Hand-Embroidered HandkerchiefsHand-Embroidered Handkerchiefs

When I touched the fabric, I felt it close and kind, wrapping around my fingers as do clouds around summer rain. Knowing she, too, touched these thin but supple threads has caused not less than a few moments of happiness.

The handkerchief I have is colored in one corner, slightly off-pink, almost salmon, but still red in it essence. It will not be on the one you purchase. On mine, it is the shape of soft lips with the scent of sweet wine. May you not be so lucky as I as to be haunted by owning one as beautiful as this. The opposite corner is delicately embroidered, and only half as angelic as the other.

We met quickly on the train, commuting one Friday night, later than either of us should have worked. "Dinner?" said she, after a shared discussion of truffles and morels, and which champagne suited each. "Yes, dinner," said I, hoping to talk of chocolate and caviar, and to learn her name.

The train stopped. We stepped off the platform and into a bistro, and ordered a bottle of recent vintage Zinfandel. The sommelier said our choice was perfectly matched to conversation between two entranced lovers. I smiled, she smiled, realizing we needed no wine. We sipped just the same.

The sommelier moved on, and her cell phone rang. She stood up, "I'm sorry," dabbing the wine on her lips with a handkerchief, and left. The handkerchief fell from her purse. I leant to lift it from her chair, but she was gone, nameless and reachless.

Never had I realized a handkerchief could be so heavy. I carry it now, exhausting my heart as I bear its cotton fabric daily. It is washable, but I will leave it as it is.

If you buy this selection of handkerchiefs, be careful not to drop them when your cell phone rings. The mark it may make where it lands could be indelible.


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