January 03, 2007

A Lovely Cookie Worth Sharing -- Betty Crocker Cookie Mix

These cookies are nothing like the ones I ate when I was 11, at the lunch table while sitting next to Nancy. These Double Chocolate Chunk cookies are exquisitely kind to the senses, but bring no memory of my fifth grade dream girl. Her pleasant eyes would assuage a long morning's pain in Miss Charminker's class, but it was the meting of her chocolate chip cookies that met my heart.

Betty Crocker's cookies are worth sharing too, all of these years later. Made in the oven, they are almost like homemade, almost like the ones Nancy's mom made. Twelve come in the bag if you bake them right. The subtle, bright sweet aroma tinctured with the bold, yet faint milk chocolate scent, captured in a classic cookie enraptured my senses, as they will yours. But, still, the crusty stale, brown-white cookies Nancy shared with me in my youth caused me to smile far more, with a deeper gladdening. She'd lift them gingerly from her brown bag, place one precisely in front of me, on the table, and one in from of her, on the table. She would then proceed to excavate the treasures within, and side-by-side we would eat our lunches until the bell rang.

If you don't know Nancy or her equal, then I suggest you buy the Betty Crocker cookies. They'll taste better than most of the cookies you'll've eaten, and maybe you'll sit next to someone nice at lunch to share them with. Be sure to share. If you do, she might sit next to you tomorrow.

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