January 02, 2007

Sing Along With Brockeim: "It Was A Very Good Year" parody

It Was a Very Good Book
severe apologies to Frank Sinatra

As I read page seventy--
Begun a very good book
That ought to be read
with gals who are plain,
who through glasses they’d strain:

I’d turn on the lights
and improve our eyesight
As we’d read page seventy.

As I read page one-O-one
Working through a very good book
That ought to be read with gals commuting on trains
At whom I would stare
at how they read with such care
But that chapter was done
As I read page one-O-one

As I read page two-thirty-five
Entranced in a very good book
That ought to be read with gals jetting on planes
who author those scenes
that made us reading machines.
The characters were alive
As we read page two-thirty-five

But now the pages grow few
I think the book’s almost soon through
And now my life is as a thin margin line
from the ISBN
to the final "the end"
It read with a mellowing hook
It was a very good book

I read a mess of good books.
A few songs tug heartward more than others. Beatle's "Yesterday," Eric Clapton's "Tears in Heaven," Judy Collin's "Send In the Clowns," Harry Chapin's "Cat's In The Cradle," Terry Jack's "Season's in the Sun," Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World," and Janis Ian's "At Seventeen" are a few that always get me.

Frank Sinatra sang a few of the others.

Frank's cover of "Stardust," is a classic. Any version of "Stardust," really, is on my list. Kudos to songwriter Hoagy Carmichael. "One for My Baby One for My Baby (And One More for the Road)" never stops short of causing reflection of all the good times which have gone by, and the people I used to know.

Among Frank's great tuggers-of-heart is "It Was a Very Good Year." It is a simple song, looking at the loves of his life, and how it all worked out as representing stages of his life. Now, as he is no longer with us to sing it, as he has reached that very last year, the song is a bit more poignant.

To transition and explain what's above, I like books. Books are a good portion of many good memories in my life, and, in some ways, take part in my relationships. There are times I remember sitting in a coffeeshop in college, flipping through my studies with a friend, or touring a dusty old bookstore with a fellow book junkie. And there are those sweeter times, just reading a book with someone I love... she has her book, I have mine, but we are together. The book itself becomes the connector, the fuse and fire. A good book, then, can even add to it all.

As a fan of Frank, a fan of melodrama, and of books, I thought it would be fun to match it all up in a rewording of a Sinatra song.

I hope you enjoy my parody.


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