January 09, 2007

Sing Along With Brockeim: "Strangers in the Night" parody

Newbie Newbie New
(severe apologies to Frank Sinatra)

Strangers here online exchanging votes
Wondering here online
What were the chances we'd be reviewing
Before the night was through.

Something in the book was so inviting,
Something on Amazon so exciting,
Something in the book,
Told me I must review it.

Strangers here online, two reviewers
We were readers in the night
Up to page forty
When keying our password.
Little did we know
A rank was just a glance away,
A warm embracing vote or two away and -

Ever since that night we've been reviewing.
Readers at first sight, in books forever.
It turned out so right,
For reviewers in the night.

Frank Sinatra?

Frank Sinatra owned one of the smoothest, coolest voices in pop-jazz. Bing Crosby certainly could hold his own, but Sinatra brought in something powerful. Modern music knows no equal.

He had the voice, the songs, the band (I love his work with Nelson Riddle)... but he also had the hat, the look, the pose. I don't need to tell you about cool. Sinatra isn't great only because he had the image, or even that he had a few songs we all know. He is great because, like Muhammed Ali, he kept returning straight for the top. His career spanned decades, and it was never mediocre.

The song below is based on the very famous "Strangers in the Night," but was inspired by joining the amazon.com Book Reviewer discussion board (join us: Amazon Reviewer Discussion Board)I was a new to the board, hence 'newbie.' I started thinking about the 'Chairman of the Board,' and the tune and words came together. Depending on time zones and sleeping patterns, reviewers seem to write at all hours, and so we were like strangers in the night. Completely anonymous, sharing ideas, commentary and reviews passing notes on a discussion... never meeting, never speaking, never even being properly introduced, while all the while exchanging so much.

I invite you to sing along. You know the tune. Check out a few Sinatra favorites while you do.

I hope you enjoy my parody.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Brockeim!!

From Kona

Brockeim said...


Thanks. Days like this should be considered international holidays.