February 14, 2007

The Blowing Out of Candles

Today is Valentine's Day. Roses and candy, cards and engagement rings will be exchanged, as will kisses and candlelight and the blowing out of candles.

Tomorrow will glisten with the shine of diamonds from the proud and the desperate.

Some will be wearing rings after dating men who blamed the delay on the cost of the ring, only to spend a few thousand dollars on their credit cards. This was not their dream. His excuses weren't part of them.

Some will smile with the hope that someday they will set a date to marry. This was not their dream.

Some will be engaged today, and marry in three months because of becoming pregnant tonight. This was not their dream.

Some are already pregnant, realizing they will survive and love their baby. This was not their dream.

A few will engage, breakup, engage. Whether they marry depends on the calendar. This was not their dream.

Some will be in love, committed, never divorce, and live happily ever after. Each partner in the couple will marry a man or woman of sophistication, beauty, faith, love, depth and care ... beyond their imagination, thank God for his grace and love, and be thankful each day they wake up together. This was their dream.

May all your dreams come true.


Anonymous said...

And yours also, Brockeim.


Brockeim said...

No dream should be ever less than perfect. Everything else is settling or compromising. Life is life. Dreams are dreams. When dreams become life is when we thrive.