March 12, 2007

Browns Bagels and Reflects Love - Black & Decker T4029 Classic Chrome 4-Slice Toaster reviewed

Shining with a spectacular silver chrome sheen, I found in my neighbor's Black & Decker 4-slice toaster a smile and a bagel.

The morning rang with geese flying over my apartment. Coffee brought, with sugar and cream, a welcome voice to my night-long silence, but only this. My toaster, thin and unuseful for anything but the most meager bread, could not meet my need for substance, for the crunch of a bagel.

A knock on the door finished the waking begun by the hazelnut coffee in my mug. I answered. It was Nancy, from across the hall. She spoke with sadness. No coffee. She smelled mine. I lamented. No bagels. She had bagels. And she had a toaster for bagels, the Black & Decker 4-slice.

Simpler than stone soup, we sat at her table all morning, considering the mellow crust and warm raisins in her bagels, and the question of hazelnut or vanilla beans as the choice flavor. While she went for more butter, I saw her newly, reflected in the toaster. More gentle, more delicate than at any other moment, Nancy's beauty was now not unnoticed. She saw that I saw that she was watching and smiled.

More mornings are now filled with the quiet freshness of cinnamon coming from bagels browning, and of hazelnut coffee wisping from my carafe, with two lovers smiling in the face of a shining toaster. When geese flock past my home in formation, I wake quickly, ready for breakfast.

No toaster can promise love. The Black & Decker 4-slice only reflects it, but this should be enough.

Black & Decker T4029 Classic Chrome 4-Slice Toaster, Chrome and Black

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