April 30, 2007

Song to Miss Amazon: Romancing the Website

Song to Miss Amazon
by Brockeim

Ah, that sweet siren singing the song of Brockeim:
Miss Amazon, the temptress and seducer.
Her legs reach long, like her arms, like her charms.
Her voice calls to me with wiles that snare,
and her breath envelopes me, all guile, but I don't care--
she is the river I float upon, the water washing over me,
the website I yearn to post thereon.
My reviews are my kisses, and my rank is her love.
Together, we, entangled, light monitors and sales charts
rising above mediocrity while yet pretending to be
more than friends, but less than one: lo! we are merged,
but wholly each own, independent, resplendent
enraptured in joy.


Some readers find books more inviting than others. When Amazon opened online, providing access to books unreachable for purchase except by the accident a speciality shop would have what I longed for, I fell in love.

Somehow, I learned more about how Amazon's reviewing works mre than most people, and will find myself laughing reading blogs and articles which have not done due diligence when forming opinions about reviewers.

I do not buy shoes by addiction, or chocolate. I buy books. Lust. Desire. Reading. Then, I learned about the community of reviewers posting on Amazon.com reviewer discussion board. What harmony, what elucidation, what... what?

What fidelity do I have to Miss Amazon? Only when she's cheapest.

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