April 23, 2007

Ten Books for a Desert Island

Books for a Desert Island

  1. A book on determining good plants from deadly ones.
    Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in Wild (and Not So Wild) Places

  2. The Professor's guide to building motors and other equipment with coconauts and papayas, as learned on Gilligan's Island. A MacGyver equivalent would be OK.
    Gilligan's Island - The Complete First Three Seasons
    MacGyver - The Complete First Five Seasons

  3. Seafood cookbook: 1001 ways to make fish, turtle, crab and kelp.
    Fish: The Complete Guide to Buying and Cooking

  4. This Old House handbook on thatching a roof.
    This Old House Kitchens: A Guide to Design and Renovation Sticker: Companion to the.

  5. Farmers Almanac, so I will know the weather.
    The Old Farmer's Almanac 2007 (Old Farmer's Almanac)

  6. Native Islander-English dictionary, with a special section on ways to say, "I taste bad," and another that helps me say, "Chief, I humbly say your daughter is beautiful and would like to marry her."
    Dating For Dummies (For Dummies (Lifestyles Paperback))

  7. A book of lyrics to all my favorite songs
    The Ultimate Fake Book: C Edition (Fake Book Series)

  8. Farming techniques for rainy season agriculture
    You Can Farm: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Start & Succeed in a Farming Enterprise

  9. An empty notebook, likely to be found the day after I die

  10. The rest can go into a gift certificate to Amazon, so long as they deliver by FedEx.
    Gift certificate found in here somewhere
    Cast Away (Widescreen Edition)

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Anonymous said...

A clever list, Brockeim!