May 01, 2007

Shelters Treasures from Pencils to Bracelets - Cherrywood Bracelet Box reviewed

Contained within this box, protected now for a generation, is a white number two pencil. It is ordinary in form in every way. Half-sized, worn from drawing on schoolbook covers until graphite covered them with my singular rumination of love, Marcella, it will never write again. Imprinted with the name of a local insurance agency, it now exists to please me, to remind me of the days that were.

Its previous owner, the ever-so-kind and ever-so-shy Marcella, gave it to me as we sat in the library quietly. There, together, we wrote poems no one else would read, laughing until class began. When eighth grade ended, she moved, and the pencil stayed.

The box itself is a rich cherry, dark and soft, with a smooth French custard beige lining. Oblong, there is room for two pencils, or a thick bracelet.

Sheltered from the storms of disorganization, I keep it here, in this box, latticed by two strips of cloth. Daily, I look, and my day begins, wondering where Marcella writes poems today.

Protect your treasures with this bracelet box.

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