June 10, 2007

Tomorrow's Kona Captured by Today's Bag Clip - Bag Clip (Chip Clip) reviewed

Tomorrow's Kona Captured by Today's Bag Clip - Bag Clip (Chip Clip) reviewedBag Clips - Set of 4 - (White)
For all the uses found in the clasping grip of the bag clip, standing alone in its magnificence is the closing of coffee bags.

When at the finest of coffee sellers, sniffing the sweet, strong scent of Hawaiian Royal Kona, I smell tomorrow's brown elixir. Thoughts, for the few settled days the pound will last, will move more swiftly, urging action more freely, all with complete sobriety. My investment is not subtle, equal to my desire.

For the price, such lucidity is luxurious, scarce and perfect. This is not found in vacuum sealed preground grocery store coffee. The caffeine is there, completely, but not the tension of bitter and smooth, for a few gracious moments, making amends. This brief d├ętente is tasted quickly as if its purity diminishes by my noticing.

With each morning's mild welcome, there also must be closure. The firm teeth of the bag clip tersely speaks to each still unground remaining bean to hold their flavor. Folding the opening once, then once again, and shutting in all the peace of the next day's cup, the bag clip seals in it all without negotiation.

Enjoy tomorrow's coffee by buying bag clips today.

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