July 26, 2007

Files Nails and Enhances Love Letters - Diamon Deb Nail File reviewed

Diamon Deb Nail Files 8"

Apologies and words of love should not rely on a nail file. Mine did, and for finding on the fly a Diamon Deb file, my love forever remains my love.

When in a desperate strait so many years ago, when the time to write to her something of bliss and beauty, my pencil tip broke.

Sitting in a New York park, I asked around. Not a pencil or pen to be found. With the postman in view, I knew what to do, and told my woe. An older woman with perfect nails heard my heart and my tale, and delivered romantic salvation with the Diamon Deb file.

James Dean StampWith Boy Scout resilience and pluck, I shaved and I trimmed. A little lead would be enough. My words were few, and my time was short. With a thank you to a patient postman, and a stamp with a picture of James Dean, my work was done.

May you always be on the ready to write your loved one by retaining a Diamon Deb file in your briefcase or bag.


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