August 23, 2007

Less Can Be Better: Enjoy the Last Spoonful of Ice Cream Thrice: Corningware Corelle Coordinates 3-Piece Bowl Set, Chutney reviewed

Corningware Corelle Coordinates 3-Piece Bowl Set, Chutney

With the smallest bowl, there are smaller portions. It is not the size that we so longingly seek, but the treat. Portions can be, and should be, replaced before handing the bowl over to the sink. These joyous, simple bowls provide in their brevity a bounty burgeoning from each mouthful of dairy pleasure.

Decide how much ice cream to have, after staring wantonly into the carton, and, with no deliberation, scoop up the precious sweet concoction. With a bowl a third the size of your usual serving, enjoy the same, but three times as often.

With the final lingering of liquid, the last delicate dripping of ice cream, there is resident joy. It is in the eager sweeping of the spoon which captures the chocolate caught along the bottom. That is where it is, when gravity pulls the once frozen dessert to where the spoon finds it most attractive.

The weight and build of this bowl is sturdy and heavy, allowing daily use.

Let Corelle sweeten your bowl. Remember to add sprinkles.


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