December 13, 2010

For Coffee Lovers and Grievers of Juliet: review Chantal Ceramic 20-Ounce Ring Mug, Semi-Gloss Garden Green, Set of 4

My Chantal ceramic mug brought more pleasure than most men have known, and, may, if all is right in your heart, bring to you such as well.

Tresses, none had she. She wore only a sweet drink inside that she gave when I pressed my lips to hers. The blondest or darkest coffee, or the cool caress of filtered water is what we most often shared. But on those saddest nights when the moon was farthest, between the time of sun's setting and rising, she took within whiskey or brandy.

One night in June, when the night is shortest, she took too much, then, gave too much. As I read, I sipped, and, this night, I read long, deep into Romeo and Juliet, and raged at their great loss. When Juliet cried, "O happy dagger!" I flung my kind cup from clasped fingers to the wooden floor.

My lovely cup (there was none more so) broke into three large pieces, with shards of ceramic shining like teardrops all around. What was once smooth and inviting was now sharp and angry, unwilling in all regards. All because of the drink, and because of the childish, foolish passion of Juliet, and because I, on a lonely night, sought Shakespeare and cognac to fill my cup.

Buy a set of the Chantal Ceramic 20-Ounce Ring Mugs, and pour your coffee frequently, but, for your reading, choose instead Mark Twain, not the bard.



authorette said...

Le sigh. I once knew a cup like that.

Brockeim said...

Sometimes love beautifully flows over and out the cup until the cup cannot hold anything else. This sort of cup cannot be easily replaced, and each new sip must be gingerly, carefully tasted.