December 28, 2007

Brockeim Finds Himself Blogged in South Carolina

Joan Perry of Charleston, SC noticed my review of a Timex watch and wondered if it is "just a tad overdone doncha think?" Paul in TX at the same site suggested, "Sounds like this smooth talkin' devel could sell refrigerators to an Eskimo... come to think about it... they may need them if there's anything to this Global Warming thing."

I, humbled, responded:
Overdone? So much depends on the wearer, and the one in love with the wearer. And in some cases, no watch will do, and then, angels must step in.

Yes, ordinary things excite me. Toasters, Slim Fast, and, of course, my watch. Check what I said about my coffee grinder. I hope to let shine the wonder and romance found in the things which surround us.

It is a fine watch. Money can buy one with more features, and I have some of those. One has a stop watch, another has a gold chain. I can work out with one, and dash off to a black tie affair in the other. Most days, though, this Timex is enough. It carries with it elegance with simplicity.

Thanks for posting it. It made my day... I'm flattered.


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