December 24, 2010

Christmas Comes at The Best Time of the Year

What time is best for Christmas? What day was Christ born? December 25, 0000? April 4, 0004? September 23, -0006? Today is as good as any day. All days are good for anyone seeking the real answers.

The meaning of Christmas is simple: Celebrate Christ, and to do so, live the life He asks of us. That is all. Not the rest of "the real meaning of Christmas," which is misconstrued as warmth, and friendly bliss. Bad? No, but not the point of Christmas.

That's all. A sermonette in a blog usually filled with vignettes and sentimental tales of romance. The truest romance is not found in this blog. At my most profound, I am the most weak, and when I am the most weak is when He is strongest.

As I say in a less important blog, "Christmas is not just for retailers. It used to be known as a celebration by Christians in anticipation of Jesus Christ, both as a child, but also, as symbolic as they also currently are waiting his second coming."

Merry Christmas. Enjoy the frivolity, and the depth, but most of all, enjoy the grace endowed by the Christ child.

(reposted from 2007).

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