January 12, 2008

Bag of Buttons Helps Mend Shirts and Remember Love: review Bag of Buttons 4 oz White

Bag of Buttons Helps Mend Shirts and Remember Love
We counted buttons. Six, or so, per shirt worn by my grandfather, long now passed. Gramma Nevely asked me to help, and we did, counting shirt by shirt, taking notes all the while. One morning, while Gram sipped coffee from a mug labeled, "World's Best Grampa," we counted 134.

Blues, whites (now, not as white, but saved just the same), and the occasional striped. Not many colors, but many styles of the same look. Grampa had his work look (the blue shirts), church look (the white shirts), and going to the country look (red and dark blue). The country meant the farm where my great aunt Nicelle lived, and so Grampa would don his flannels.

There were times a button would be missing. A spare was required, to be sewed with solemnly pleasure gingering by my Gramma, as if Grampa sat on the porch, reading Ellery Queen. Whatever color the original, the new one was white. Ironed, replaced in the closet, positioned perfectly on hangers, his shirt would be presented, waiting, wishing the man who owned them could once again.

One button fewer than you'll need in this life? Whether counting buttons, or sewing them on in the sweet memory of a long lover lost, you need a bag at the ready. When one is missing, try a bag of these basic white buttons. It'll sew what needs mending.

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