January 02, 2008

You Say You Want a Revolution: 2008 Resolutions in Question

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions?

Most resolutions are about relationships.

Spend More Time with Family & Friends
This should not be a resolution, but a fact. If not, why not?

Fit in Fitness
Aside for those with real disabilities, this should be easy. Got an hour for lunch? Walk for 40 minutes with a friend.

Slim the Bulge
Fat has a few things going on. You know the health benefits, but, if you are out of shape, there are other concerns. A little lack of fitness is one thing, but sloppy fat sometimes creates an undisciplined appearance. Right or wrong, the out of shape person might be seen as unfocused and lazy. Hard to be friends with someone such as that.

Quit Smoking
Illinois law says no smoking in most public places. It has gotten to the point that only smokers enjoy the company of those smoking, not counting the issue of cancer. Foster friends by cutting the tobacco weed in your life.

Enjoy Life More
Crabby people aren't fun, now are they? Be joyful.

Quit Drinking
This is not for the occasional glass of wine crowd, but the cheap six pack crowd. Nothing wrong with cheap beer. There's everything wrong with that being a modus operandi of life.

Get Out of Debt
Better financial management means more freedom. Short-term pain, long-term fun with friends. Besides, if you quit smoking and drinking, you'll have enough cashola to attend to debt.

Learn Something New
I recommend Bits of Nonsense Come in Threes as your source of new thought.

Help Others
Funny how this needs to be a resolution. Not doing so is selfish.

Get Organized
Microsoft Excel. Yes, the dreaded Microsoft. By becoming organized, you will find time for friends and family, that goal above. With no debt, and a cleaner, fitter lifestyle, you'll be able to encourage them to join you in helping others. Enjoying life, then, becomes much easier.

While not on nearly enough New Year's Resolutions lists, reading Brockeim.com regularly is important. And, if ideas come along, posting responses here are invited.

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