June 02, 2008

Great For Corn, Less So For Tiny Fences: review: Progressive Jumbo Corn Holder, Set of 8

Great For Corn, Less So For Tiny Fences
Progressive Jumbo Corn Holder, Set of 8
Three plastic soldiers stood guard before Cowboy Charlie, riding his trusty dinosaur, crashed through the yellow-fenced fortress. Seven corn holders held tall and fast as all available weaponry was tossed as the meager armory quickly emptied. Dire times these were as the stainless steel tines piercing the shallow dirt could hold no longer.

The dinosaur was tough, and Charlie was tougher. Inside the corn holder fence was his horse, and no scalawag plastic man was going to stop him. They did not. Not with only seven holders between them. The eighth was lost in the great Indian and Puppy War the day before, and might be under the leaf pile near the garage, unable to help. Seven mere holders were not enough, and charged Charlie did, restoring his horse to freedom.

A man, after all, should not be riding the range on a dinosaur.

When horse and rider met again, cheering was heard, and dinner was called, with grilled corn requiring the holders more than little boys' imaginary battles. These will secure your corn, if not fortresses, and are an excellent tool for working off an afternoon's playful appetite.


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