October 22, 2008

Looking for Resolutions, Not Revolutions

No coffee, no romance this time around. Just looking at the anger in this world, in a melancholic state as I think people worry more than act....

I read the polls are telling us people are worried about the economy. I am not. Not the war in Iraq, or even terrorism. Whether a candidate is making history, making money, or making whoopee, I am unconcerned. I will vote based, in part, on how I believe the candidates will do, but, I am not worried.

I do not care about most of what is in the news about each candidate and their VPs. I am tired of the hate spewed by some supporters of each, and avoid the topics.

I don't care who wins the World Series, the price of gas, or the weather. I want my team to win, lower prices, and warm weather, but not enough to worry.

My wallet is fine, I am safe, and my home is adequate. Other people are hungry. I am not in danger. Other people face gunfire. It is chilly here, but others are homeless.

The posturing about life's trials does both me. We complain about our lives, but there are those with more difficult trials who do not need a protest or blog entry, but someone to buy them lunch or give them a job.

Iraq, the economy, the political scandal of the week is not worth my worry.

What is, and what can worrying do to fix it?

looking for resolutions, not revolutions

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