January 29, 2009

25 Strategically Important Facts About Brockeim

25 things. All are true. All matter more than life itself.
Your turn.

1. In grade school, I had friends from A-Z. One guy's last name started with A, another with Z.
2. Read very fast.
3. Once snuck up to the 75th Floor of the Sears Tower at midnight.
4. Know a few sports celebrities.
5. Have given speeches in front of a few thousand people.
6. Have never learned to use my office phone.
7. Can move my right pinky toe independently of the others.
8. Can't juggle.
9. Owns five computers - three laptops and two desktops. One of each is a Mac.
10. Was quoted in Forrester Magazine (my Amazon/Led Zeppelin parody)
11. Favorite drink is a mint mocha, triple shot of espresso. I'm drinking Gloria Jean's cappuccino now.
12. Love cats, but prefer dogs.
13. Likes numbers.
14. Can whistle exceedingly well, but lack the musical ability to exploit this skill.
15. Love corn on the cob.
16. Writes as much as three thousand words daily.
17. My right thumb is double jointed.
18. Had my picture on the cover of my university and hometown newspaper once (two different occasions).
19. Have enjoyed civet coffee (look it up), but think it is overpriced.
20. Google, at this moment (this vacillates greatly), loves me. Results 1 - 10 of about 40,900 for brockeim with Safesearch on. (0.11 seconds)
21. Take notes about random ideas while shopping. These often show up in my blogs.
22. Know a lot of trivia that is so trivial, Trivia Pursuit ignores it.
23. Have been to San Jose, but I don't know the way.
24. Has had long conversations with CEOs of several major Fortune 500s.
25. Have been listed in Wikipedia.


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