March 25, 2009

RIP Stephen Haines, March 24, 2009

Normally, I approach this blog to be hopeful, encouraging, whimsical... filled with light verse and romance. Not today. A sad moment has occurred, the loss of an online friend.

RIP Stephen Haines, March 24, 2009. The world is less.

Strange how someone I only knew from a discussion board grieves me. It shows me that, though I knew him far less than others, the slightest encounter can still bear heavy weight.

I cannot say Stephen (also called The Bunyip') and I were close, or knew much about the other, but this is most of life. We know slices, not entireties, about most of those with whom we come into contact with.

The slice of Stephen I saw, was thoughtful, intellectual and humorous. I think if we shared a pot of coffee we would have laughed a lot.

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