April 13, 2009

Pass On Passed Bean: Civet Coffee is Not Worth Investment: review: Kopi Luwak

Pass On Passed Bean: Civet Coffee is Not Worth Investment:
Kopi Luwak Civet Coffee

I have tasted the kopi luwak coffee. Yes, it is processed through an animal's intestinal tract, but pleasantly, I can assert all fecatorial concerns are diminished once the beans are presented to the company by the blessed animal.

I have had this in espresso, cappuccino and regular brew form. It tastes like a very decent cup of coffee, but nothing so remarkable that it requires its excessive cost.

It is expensive at any price above the market value of a standard Sumatran bean, as the value is not in the taste (ordinary), but its exoticness.

Civets eat the coffee berries and then pass the beans. In doing so, various chemicals are extracted that normally are part of coffee we are familiar with. Is it is enough to lift the quality to one worth the investment? No.

If the idea is intriguing, and you want to say you have tasted all life offers, consider the kopi luwak bean. You will have a very good cup of coffee and a great laugh. If you are looking for a terrific flavor beyond all others, look at other beans.

Pass on this and enjoy more of something else.


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