June 02, 2009

Someone Likes My Wooden Stir Sticks Review

Wood Coffee Stirrers - 1000 Count

Never met the fellow, and all I know about him I read five minutes ago. He mentions in his post (on his blog: Wooden Stir Sticks Review) that he enjoyed my review of wooden coffee stirrers.

He says, "This review became rather respectable in retrospect, but was very comedic when first encountered." I'm glad for his comment in both regards.

Naturally, I am pleased. It is a big world out there, and I know I have a few readers who e-mail me from time to time, but mostly, I do this in a quiet room, drinking a cup of coffee, away from that world.

He calls me a review artist. That's based, I imagine, on my own description of what I am trying to do. The art of writing within a defined context... in this case, reviews of products that are typically very utilitarian... is never easy, and I'll be the first to admit I strike out more than not.

As I posted in response on his blog:
How delightful… it is a long evening here at work, and there is someone, somewhere with a post telling the world that they liked my review. It made my day.

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