July 24, 2009

Caribou Coffee... Shopping and Friendship

Picked up some coffee today at a Caribou nearby. There was a time I drank there daily, sitting with a book and laptop, or just relaxing by the fire. I would see old friends and acquaintances there: the piano teacher/philosopher hiding from his dreams, the recent divorcee is her 60s lamenting what she gave up, and the college kids with books they never read, but use as prop to look intellectual while they gab about things which matter more to them in the moment.

The coffeehouse gadflies are there too, like Cliff Clavin, but with less purpose (dear Cliffy was passionate about good mail delivery). They arrive, chatter about with other guests, and move on, never quite connecting with anyone but themselves.

Good friends are there too, and we lift a mug of whatever's brewing. We break from something else and renew our friendship over a bagel and coffee. We discuss projects, literature, art, and the latest goings-on in our lives.

Billy Joel - Piano Man (music video)

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