September 10, 2009

Love Between Two Days

Tomorrow is 9-11. Yesterday, as I, and millions of others, noted, was 9-9-9.

Here, now... 9-10-09. Stuck between 9-9-9 and 9-11, it is ignored. Though neither a day of numerical nuance, nor tragedy, it is a perfectly good day. I mentioned this in a Tweet this morning.

At first, all I intended was a glib observation, but more thought had me realizing this is serious business.

9-11 represents the horrid murder of thousands at the call of an evil movement in the Middle East. Not only was the day filled with tragedy, but thousands of men and women have since died on behalf of Iraqis and Afghans who do not enjoy the immense freedom I do as an American. We get to debate health care, women's rights and whether or not the Ten Commandments belong in public places. Until Saddam Hussein was thrown out of office, none of this was achievable. It really still isn't, but our soldiers are working to ensure its possibility.

Yesterday, meanwhile, represents sheer nonsense. One day on the calendar with a tidy sequence of numbers with otherwise no importance whatsoever.

So what about September 10, 2009? It is important. Opportunities are no less, no more than either two days. It is a Thursday, and for most people, just as with the other two days, going to work is on the agenda. However bad unemployment is, a massive majority still have jobs. Of those who do not, unemployment and a government subsidy are providing a small income for most. It is a perfectly good day.

On any of the three days, loved ones will die, babies will be born, people will be hired, fired and tired. Someone will buy a winning lottery ticket. Someone will stub their toe and scream in visceral pain.

It is Today: Love
Most people, I believe, will not even think of this day as any different than any other day... it is, and it isn't different. But it is today. And, with today, as the sun rises in the east, and before we sleep, there is the chance to stand between silly nonsense and grave tragedy, and take the chance to love, to enjoy the day, and to do something spectacular.

May your day be bright.

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