January 29, 2010

Was the Bible Written by Men With an Agenda?

Inquiries regarding the veracity of the Bible as the word of God are abound. I can't tell you what to believe, and know that those discussions are often filled with misinformation and illiterate arguers.

Here's what really happened. Really. Everyone knows that Jesus recruited fishermen to be fishers of men. And that they were. Oppression kept them down. Rules on fishing were breaking into the bottom line. Greenpeace was enraged, and the stopping these hearty sailors from their livelihood. Power to the people? Depends who you ask. Life was rough.

The fisherman's union needed a spokesperson. They thought, "Hey, we'll tell 'em God said we could do this. In fact, He told us too late one night. No, really." They recruited a few guys from Galilee, and doggonit, they won the right to fish from the other side of the boat. They are like the masons, only their symbol for their trade union is <><

Now you know the rest of the story.

(appeared originally as a discussion item on Facebook)

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