May 31, 2010

I am an American, and I am Thankful for Our Soldiers Then and Now

U.S. Nylon US Flag 3X5 ft - American Made - Embroidered Stars - SALE!I salute our troops, especially those of today. Not one solider under 50 (older, even) was drafted. These men and women signed on willingly to protect our country, and the freedom of those in other countries. They have done so in difficult times.

Our soldiers have fought, and are fighting, when others were afraid, or unwillingness,sometimes giving limb or even life so that I may type a few words without suppression, and so that I can stand among my peers in the village and declare my politics or my god without fear of arrest or tyranny. We are not the only country with the privilege, this right, but this America is my America, and it is yours. We stand today together.

Meanwhile, our commander-in-chief, Barack Obama, just as his predecessor, George W Bush, works hard to understand the complexities of an  ugly war to fight an ugly enemy. He does not claim to know what to do, but  knows while war is not the answer, freedom will not come freely. Like Bush, he leads an unpopular war, and like Bush, he was forced into it. I pray you are wise, bold and determined, unafraid of public opinion, yet keen to get the support of millions of Americans and the world. No president is ever equipped to do what you must, but, you must.

To our commander-in-chief, to each man facing fear headfirst in the dust of Iraq and elsewhere, to every man ever to wear fatigues so that I could freely post this blog, I salute you. You too are the greatest generation. The challenge is shaped differently, but your valor is just the same as the first men who cried out "Charge" when the Redcoats were coming.

I lift high my coffee this morning knowing my life is better because you stepped up to the challenge.

Thank you.

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