November 13, 2010

Amazon Reviewing Report: 12.5K Lower $50 Gift Card (0109)
It seems as there is a tide, or an ebb, or a flow? A few more votes have delivered me even lower? Five votes and four reviews, and I am 12,531 places lower. In the classic rankings I nudged higher. It is a strange world there in Seattle.

More reviews are in the brewing stages. If you haven't yet explored my humor site, please do. And, if an Amazon gift card would get your Christmas shopping done, see the links above and below, or, just start shopping at Amazon. Free stuff in there if you look around, like The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree mp3.

November 13
Customer Reviews: 113
New Reviewer Rank: 60,742
Classic Reviewer Rank: 5,165
Helpful Votes: 916

November 3
Customer Reviews: 109
New Reviewer Rank: 73,273
Classic Reviewer Rank: 5,157
Helpful Votes: 911

October 15
Customer Reviews: 109
New Reviewer Rank: 94,917
Classic Reviewer Rank: 5,250
Helpful Votes: 905

October 1 
Customer Reviews: 109
New Reviewer Rank: 310,062
Classic Reviewer Rank: 5,300
Helpful Votes: 900 $50 Gift Card $25 Gift Card - Box of 50 Cards

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