November 01, 2010

To Dave Zimmerman

We never met, Dave. We followed each other on Facebook, and each other's blogs.

I knew only a few things about you. I cannot say I knew you well, but still, I think I will miss you.

I knew you loved gospel and folk music, and especially loved it when they mixed. You wrote and you sang with joy and enthusiasm.

I knew you loved baseball, and expect you were disappointed when you realized you would not see how the 2010 World Series would be resolved.

I knew you loved Scrabble. We never played, but we should have. However, I would not have liked being beaten and think you would would have trounced me. In your victory, I am confident you would have been completely gracious as the winner.

I knew you liked books. That is how we first met online, through Amazon's discussion board. We shared this passion.

I knew you loved your family. This was above music, baseball, Scrabble and books. Of all the things I knew of you, this I knew most.

I would have liked to have really known you Dave, over coffee, watching the game, or feuding whether or not a word is actually a word.

Rest in peace, Dave Zimmerman.
June 1, 1954 - October 29, 2010.

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