January 28, 2011

Amazon Reviewing Report: Back to 100K and Petty Insults

January 28, 2011
Customer Reviews: 122
New Reviewer Rank: 102,971
Classic Reviewer Rank: 4,932
Helpful Votes: 953

A laughable spate of negative votes on a recent review (Levana LV-TW501 Safe N See Digital Video Baby Monitor) along with a petty personal attack by a troll in the comments shows me that for some unknown reason, my reviews intimidate readers. 

I have added several new reviews. Check 'em out. Besides a baby monitor, there is one for a new kind of Oreos, Cyrano de Bergerac, a measuring cup, and coffee flavored candy. 

My rank is dancing. Was 7.4 million, and a month and a half later, it is just under 103,000. Why?

December 2
Customer Reviews: 115
New Reviewer Rank: 7,420,986
Classic Reviewer Rank: 5,120
Helpful Votes: 920
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November 13
Customer Reviews: 113
New Reviewer Rank: 60,742
Classic Reviewer Rank: 5,165
Helpful Votes: 916

November 3
Customer Reviews: 109
New Reviewer Rank: 73,273
Classic Reviewer Rank: 5,157
Helpful Votes: 911

October 15
Customer Reviews: 109
New Reviewer Rank: 94,917
Classic Reviewer Rank: 5,250
Helpful Votes: 905

October 1 
Customer Reviews: 109
New Reviewer Rank: 310,062
Classic Reviewer Rank: 5,300
Helpful Votes: 900

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