March 07, 2011

Big Boss Juicer, 700W 18,000 RPM review: Better than Expected Juicer for Me, a Juicing Neophyte

With trepidation, I opened the box. My first juicer. My friends all have them and use them. This one, the Big Boss Juicer, is an entry level one compared to theirs. I cannot say I was only a little intimidated.

The directions were clear, eliminating concern number one: could I put it together. Yes.

Would it work easily? Yes. Dropping various vegetables and fruits in (different drinks), from carrots to tangerines to strawberries to apples, all worked well.

Some pulp found its way through to my glass, and I had to tilt the device to pour remaining juice.

Big Boss Juicer, 700W 18,000 RPMWould it taste good? The carrot juice was too much, but might serve well as a sweetener. The apple juice was authentic, better than the grocery store brand names. A little cinnamon might help. Leveling off the recipes of the others is a work in progress. I could see adding a shot of vodka might help some.

How does it clean? Be careful here. Sharp edges. It cleans general well, but attention need to be spent on the filter.

I am happy with the Big Boss Juicer. I am not ready to say I want the next level up, but I am enjoying experimenting with the drinks.


Big Boss Juicer, 700W 18,000 RPM

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