April 01, 2011

How to Celebrate National Poetry Month

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Before ya'll Twitter about, forwarding posts like mine about the wonders of poetry, take a half second to think about it. Thinking means thinking about the poetry part of National Poetry Month. It can be a useless holiday, like National I'm Not Your Mother Day, or National Foosball Swallowers Day. Or, it can have real meaning. That means you can get to know a poem or two, or even entire poet.

Click below this post on the tag 'poetry' and see some of what I have posted here. I have thousands more I have written, mind you, but it is a sample.

How to Celebrate National Poetry Month

I recommend three things:
  1. Buy one book of poetry, read it, and take out another from your library. Blog about them, review them if you can.
    This will be showing support of both poetry and of a poet. We ache that publishers do not publish poetry, but there is a reason: profit. That lack of profit isn't their fault. It is ours for buying more Anne Rice blather and less genuine literature. She gets rich, old and bitter at this world which has blessed her while poets starve yet remain active.
  2. Write three poems based on a single theme.
    This will be a challenge fir those of you who do not regularly write. That's OK. You bad poetry, like my bad poetry, isn't the point. It is the process of the writing which is the point. True, you might not write so well that it will be published. But with three poems, you will have thought great things, found a creative buzz, and, maybe if things come together, you might smile when you show them to someone knowing you have found a new hobby.
  3. Memorize one poem.
    Learning poetry is not just a good discipline of the mind in general, but also helps lift our personal language. We learn new words, nuance, rhythm, rhyme, and meaning.
Let me know. I would love to learn what you are doing. 
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