November 21, 2011

Review: Family Tree Maker 2011 Deluxe - Impressed: Easy to Use, Fun to Do

Family Tree Maker 2011 Deluxe
I am new to the digital genealogical world, and see this product through that limitation. That said, I am impressed.

What I wanted was a way to organize a massive amount of data. I tried Microsoft Excel, but it simply is not intended to do what I needed.

I have added numerous relatives. Each, as I have data, includes their spouse, parents, and children, along with dates and locations for all related events. I can add photos and various other media, like certificates and other supporting documentation.

Naturally, I have plenty of blanks yet to fill. I have yet to connect my family to either Noah or Adam, but, as I can, I add someone. The word is out among my cousins that I am in the hunt, and so things are trickling in.

I will see a fuller benefit when I hit a critical mass of ancestors. The process is slow going as I dig up the information. However, when I get there, I look forward to seeing my family's range and path mapped out over the years.

There is so much more here that I have yet to explore. A true, complete review will examine every feature, but for me, the ability to connect people in a clean, unlimited way is impressive.


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