June 22, 2018

400 Amazon Reviews

It has been a long, strange trip. I apparently have posted 400 reviews on Amazon (Ammy).

I encourage you to check them out. Lately, I must say, they've been dreadfully and sadly ordinary. A good Brockeimic review hasn't been posted in too long.

The best ones are whimsical, playful, and sometimes, even a little flirtatious.

Some hearken back to a childhood romance. Others are more about love gone wrong. Many include the joys of simpler, playground days.

400 reviews. 400. Four hundred. That's a lot to me.

While Amazon gives me some free things (I pay tax on them), most are things I bought. None were paid for (those whores!), and there was no other sort of quid pro quo as so often infects reviewing these days.

Find me here. Contact me if you like. I don't answer most emails (I don't want your website development skills or scam business loans).


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