June 30, 2007

All Hail King Coffee

All things coffee deserve grand and delicious worship, if but only a step away from being a deity.

June 27, 2007

Give your bookworm, coffee-swigging friend a mug that tells it like it is.

Give your bookworm, coffee-swigging friend a mug that tells it like it is.

Due to the popularity of my "Books are good food, wash them down with coffee" mugs, I've been working on new designs. Large and small. Also available is a bumper sticker.

Product Information
Super-size your favorite beverage or just size-up to avoid spills with our hefty, 15 oz. ceramic Large Mug. Large easy-grip handle. When you need more, mug it up.

June 18, 2007

Video Killed the Radio Star and Other Murders

  1. Cell phones killed the payphone (Superman now changes in public).
  2. Microwaves killed homecooked meals (Alice was fired by the Bradys)
  3. E-mail killed the handwritten letter (Charlie Brown's mailbox is still empty)
  4. Cable killed family TV time (We now eat our TV dinners alone)
  5. IPods killed family arguments about stereo volume (Now we don't talk at all)
  6. PlayStation killed Little League (Now we're fat without a uniform)
  7. Amazon killed the Sears Wishbook (Now I can have even more material things)

Brockeim killed Slim-Fast (It's not just for breakfast anymore)

June 10, 2007

Tomorrow's Kona Captured by Today's Bag Clip - Bag Clip (Chip Clip) reviewed

Tomorrow's Kona Captured by Today's Bag Clip - Bag Clip (Chip Clip) reviewedBag Clips - Set of 4 - (White)
For all the uses found in the clasping grip of the bag clip, standing alone in its magnificence is the closing of coffee bags.

When at the finest of coffee sellers, sniffing the sweet, strong scent of Hawaiian Royal Kona, I smell tomorrow's brown elixir. Thoughts, for the few settled days the pound will last, will move more swiftly, urging action more freely, all with complete sobriety. My investment is not subtle, equal to my desire.

For the price, such lucidity is luxurious, scarce and perfect. This is not found in vacuum sealed preground grocery store coffee. The caffeine is there, completely, but not the tension of bitter and smooth, for a few gracious moments, making amends. This brief d├ętente is tasted quickly as if its purity diminishes by my noticing.

With each morning's mild welcome, there also must be closure. The firm teeth of the bag clip tersely speaks to each still unground remaining bean to hold their flavor. Folding the opening once, then once again, and shutting in all the peace of the next day's cup, the bag clip seals in it all without negotiation.

Enjoy tomorrow's coffee by buying bag clips today.

$12.99Books Are Good Food Large Coffee Mug by Brockeim

June 06, 2007

Great Start for Budding Soap Carvers - Aveeno Fragrance Free Moisturizing Bar for Dry Skin reviewed

Aveeno SoapAveeno Fragrance Free Moisturizing Bar for Dry Skin, 3.5-Ounce Bar (Pack of 8)

The eight bars work perfectly for carving the Seven Dwarfs, allowing for inclusion, the gentle Snow White. The soap is soft, almost malleable, and does not flake off the same way Dial, Zest and Irish Spring so often would. Aveeno is the proper choice for creating figurines of favorite characters.

The cool flesh-tone of the soap translates well, and contrasts nicely with the fabric overlay I gave them to provide as dress.

To Bashful's face, though, I gave a mild pinkish color to appropriate his shy nature. He is seen looking blissfully at fair maiden Snow White.

Sleepy's beard was troublesome, as the detail required extended beyond my ability. It is long, but not nearly as sharp at the end as I intended.

Happy's great smile smoothly lifts right and left, while Sleepy's eyelids lilt low, almost covering his eyes.

Sneezy is seen sniffing a flower. The flower is not from the soap. Instead, Sneezy's nose is leaning into his shoulder, where I add a paper cut-out daisy.

Doc's glasses came out nicely, in a classic bookworm-off-the-nose style, to provide that distinguished look.

Grumpy's big nose broke in my first effort, but it was early into the process, and a second, more secure nose was supplied.

Dopey might have been the most difficult, as he has no special, visible features. Silence is not as obvious in soap carvings.

Finally, the beautiful Snow White was carved oblong up, to give her the extra height. Her smile tilts upward, gracefully, unaware of Bashful's unspoken affection, with her eyes showing is thinking amorously of some yet unmet lover. Dressed in rags, as she is still not known as a princess, she stands regally.

A second set can finish the scene with the huntsman, the prince, the wicked queen, and of course, the apple and mirror.

Aveeno's a great start for you budding soap carvers, and scraps work in their usual way... to clean what's dirty.