October 19, 2008

Lifts the Meal to Sublimity. review: Alessi Sea Salt, Coarse, 2.83-Ounce Grinders (Pack of 6)

Lifts the Meal to Sublimity
Alessi Sea Salt, Coarse, 2.83-Ounce Grinders (Pack of 6)
No phantasm, nothing eerie about the friendly, warm mist lifting from the gentle mound. The concise hills, like sandy camels kneeling in petition of an oasis, were baked and split Russet Burbank potatoes sending a steaming waft as a signal for butter, and for salt. A quick slip of a smooth knife delivered a melting slice of yellow cream.

A sprinkle from a common table shaker would not do. Not with a filet recently from the grill waiting. Not with a 1994 merlot resting before pouring. Not with green spring peas buttressing the steak. A plebeian salt could not do.

Salt ground from coarse to useful fell into invisible crevices, engaging the potato into evoking flavor. The filet, the merlot, the peas were better for having shared the plate with the potato. No more can be said for this simple salt's necessity. This is what it does. Nothing more.

May your potato's request be met with salt ground at the moment before dining.