November 23, 2008

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November 08, 2008

Coffee Love

Coffee love, a panning look at a cup of beauty at a coffeeshop bookstore... with a local folk singer covering "Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay" by Otis Redding and "Blowin' In the Wind" by Bob Dylan.

Useful in Efficient Breakfasts of Eggs, Cereal and Coffee: Review, Pinzon White Ceramic Butter Keeper

Useful in Efficient Breakfasts of Eggs, Cereal and Coffee
Pinzon White Ceramic Butter Keeper

These years in a small home have created a tension between sophisticated dishware and space. When I can manage both, all is balanced and good.

While a butter keeper to some, I have in this a convenient all-in-one breakfast dish. I began with a hardboiled egg set in the handle, snug until a knock from the butt of my knife provided me the first taste of morning. The small bowl where water is usually poured held my raisin bran, limiting my portion and saving my diet. A toasted raisin bagel on the side complimented all.

Proper breakfasts are always finished with coffee, and the butter keeper assisted in this as perfectly as it did for the egg and cereal. A rich French roast darkened the dairy white cup. A few drips of whole cream hid beneath the surface after my spoon moved the coffee carefully. Coffee swirled with majestic white ribbons finding more than juncture. Fading quickly into one smooth color, my breakfast was ending with an alert mind and satisfied palate.

May your kitchen be as efficient and artistic as can be with a Pinzon Butter Keeper.


Cups on a Shelf: Join the Brockeim Coffee Klatch

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From Mud to Elixir: Coffee Press Quietly Creates Pleasure: Review, Pinzon Contemporary 8-Cup Coffee Press

From Mud to Elixir: Coffee Press Quietly Creates Pleasure
Pinzon Contemporary 8-Cup Coffee Press

Coffee grounds like tiny pebbles huddled not knowing their fate, their future for the wave to rush down upon them. Filtered water, boiled and poured down, pushed the grounds away from gravity's rest into a new mixture. The world, at least the portion in this room, changed as two things became better as one.

With the Pinzon Coffee Press, all was allowed in silence. No machines hissed and beeped unpleasantly. Nature remained undisturbed. My hound dog barely gave notice while he snoozed this Saturday morning, and would have been entirely asleep if he had not heard my grin. But I smiled and he lifted his disinterested head to remind me it was before noon.

This coffee press offers quick and quiet delivery of a drink known to all. It will not make the beans grow differently, or add cream and sugar for you. It presses coffee... wonderfully.


November 03, 2008

Helps Remind Birthdays and Coffee Dates at 'TH DAIRY' review: Fire Engine Fun Toothpick Candle Set

Helps Remind Birthdays and Coffee Dates at 'TH DAIRY'
Fire Engine Fun Toothpick Candle Set
TH DAIRY. That's what I needed. Just seven letters, but I had eight, plus a firefighter hat. An 'E' would have been a nice touch, but ultimately unimportant for my uses.

I had no pencil, no paper, but I had a lighter and these candles, and a need to remember where I was to meet my dear Nancy for coffee in the morning. Our plans changed with the falling rain, taking us from a sunny autumn walk in the woods, to a Saturday in a coffee shop. She called Friday evening during a weekend-long storm, told me quickly as the power went out, and my cell phone coincidentally died.

I lit the 'B' and arranged the remaining letters to spell TH DAIRY, short for "The Java and Dairy Co.," a cafe with booths designed to look like cow stalls. When the morning shone light on everything, I wanted to remember.

We met, and lingered through French roast, as the rain poured down the window, until the clouds broke at noon.

When the electricity goes out, and no birthday is in sight, consider using the letters to remind you of the chance to meet your love.