December 22, 2009

For the Boy Who Would Be Snow King: review: Super Soft Lightweight 70% Bamboo 30% Organic Cotton Bamboo Fiber Bath Towel 460 GSM

For the Boy Who Would Be Snow King
Super Soft Lightweight 70% Bamboo 30% Organic Cotton Bamboo Fiber Bath Towel 460 GSM

Towels are the silent healer of six year-old boys who have more guts than arm. Julia showed me this one winter's day by wrapping around me the warm texture of heaven as sewn by the angels themselves. It is absorbent, thanks to the terry cloth-like weave, and served to dry me as well as swab my shame.

There was one way to be king of the hill, and a snowball was the tool. What they had flung in response to my weakly tossed effort I cannot say, but in the process, I found my jacket was not impermeable. No colder ice is there than the ice between a jacket and the skin on one's back. We fought a furious battle of snow of all colors, but now I was beat.

I started it, but they finished it. The incumbent king remained. In mercy, they let me pass to my home across the street to find solace in my room. With snow still frozen dripping from my chin, as my scarf hung limp in defeat, I shrugged low into the garage.

Young boys who are not true snow warriors (and those who are) with a thick terry cloth towel like these super soft bamboo towels will grow to be men. When Julia, my sweet friend who was waiting for the inevitable, handed me the towel she prepared in the dryer, water left my skin absorbed into oblivion. This is a big towel and I was a small boy. This difference was well-appreciated as my shivering chatter became laughter, as Julia and I both agreed about the folly of my audacity, believing I would be king of the snow hill.

When you set outside to face down snow knights, consider these as your post-snowslinging garb.