January 26, 2010

Slices Through Phyllo Dough and Time: Tom Douglas by Pinzon Kai 7-Inch Stainless-Steel Santoku Knife reviewed

Slices Through Phyllo Dough and Time
Tom Douglas by Pinzon Kai 7-Inch Stainless-Steel Santoku Knife

The day was late, what could I do? In just hours, I would be surrounded by eager, hungry artists, and coming up empty would not work. With an empty cupboard, solutions seemed few. Around the corner was a shop that could help. When four kinds of baklava are the result of fervent foraging at a bakery, I can be pleased. Almost.

The sticky phyllo flaked with a touch, but my Pinzon Kai 7-Inch Stainless-Steel Santoku Knife found the space, and divided each piece. She barely rocked, but her action was strong. Not heavy, not thick... she was all the knife I needed. Quickly cutting, my task ended in seconds, and the baklava looked better for it.

The knives found in the best restaurant may outslice mine, but my drawer needs no other to get me through my daily needs. Kitchen products are not about themselves, but what they produce, and this night, a dozen artists, and then some, were fed contently. That's all that mattered.

May your pastries be as divvied and your guests be as refreshed as swiftly as mine with this knife.


January 19, 2010

Stirs Sugar Into Espresso With Long-Lasting Hope: Rosanna Tortoise Napoleon Espresso Spoons, Set of 4 reviewed

Stirs Sugar Into Espresso With Long-Lasting Hope
Rosanna Tortoise Napoleon Espresso Spoons, Set of 4

It's just a spoon. If that is all you need, this is exactly that. A spoon. Sleek, yes. Perfect for a quick stirring of sugar in my morning espresso. Yes. Durable, never rusting stainless steel... yes. That too. It is as adequate of an espresso spoon as can be found. Artful, yet utilitarian. Light, regular cleaning is all it needs. I use it every morning, day after day.

They won't last forever, but few things do. At least, the spoons are replaceable.

I took two sugars, and Nancy took one, but we stirred them just the same. We hoped we would swirl our drink for years to come, but the spoons endured longer than we did.

There were four spoons. I have two. She has the other two. I only now need one. It is not just a spoon.

May your espresso be sweeter when using these Tortoise Espresso Spoons.


January 09, 2010

For Neighborhood Mountain Sledding : Review: Pelican Mega Snow Runner Sled

For Neighborhood Mountain Sledding
Pelican Mega Snow Runner Sled

Some sleds are sleek and beautiful, built for photos in backyards. Not this one. While attractive, the Snow Runner is about speed. This, for a boy at 8 years-old, is an Olympic luge, with thoughts of German champion Georg Hackl emblazoned within one glance at this machine.

Christmas came early with the first snow and a gift of the Snow Runner. No longer would I slip gently down a 20-foot 10% decline in the hill near the school on a tiny round sled. This year, I would match my skill against the former garbage hill. Some called it Widow's Peak, Blueberry Hill, or Mt. Stink. We in the third grade just called it "The Mountain".

My dad took Nancy and I up the long, slippery, anticipated trek to the top. Nancy came only for company, and the promised hot chocolate. My dad never intended to sled with me. This was my time. He looked at me and nodded as men do.

There I was looking into the mouth of the beast. I stood alone, staring down at each bump through to the street 400 meters down. Would I meet my maker today? Would my body break halfway down, hitting some hidden rock? Would I slide at an unforgiving speed through to the highway? I didn't ask those questions. No, I leapt, and thumped feet-first onto my trusty Snow Runner.

I never steered. I held on. I went where gravity intended, following the groove of a hundred sledders before me. Those sledders, whoever they are, became my brothers and sisters that day.

No rush will compare to seeing trees flash by like meteors, sensing through my body every uneven patch of snow, or the smell of wind and ice on my face. They say an Olympic luge goes 100 mph. To that I say, I went much faster. A gold medal could have been earned that day.

That's how it happened, and I survived and the sled survived. Nancy, my dad, and I drank hot chocolate with marshmallows, each telling their story, my story.

May you too find exhilaration and joy through your Pelican Mega Snow Runner Sled.