February 24, 2010

For Sizzling Soiree and an Extra Cooking Platform: Cuisinart GR-4NAM Griddler reviewed

The soiree was brief. Modest in all ways had the fewest array of guests, but no less filled with the warm aroma of burgers, both meat and veggie. Eight burgers in all, each securing a spot on my new Cuisinart Griddler. Mushrooms and sliced onions filled in the spaces between.

Not more than three spices brought fragrance and flavor to the burgers: pepper, onion and garlic. No wine. No candles. No background music to wrap around the night. Just burgers packaged in buns, graced with ketchup and mustard, washed down with water. All and only, it was simple meal shared at a table surrounded by those most loved.

The griddle has two sides, each with two sides. That is, it butterflies open, displaying two cooking surfaces that can be individually flipped for griddle or grilling. I used the grill mode. Flipping the burgers resulted in grease spattering on my counter. Better engineered edges would resolve this. Grill lines, though, looked official and proper. Grill master Steven Raichlen would be impressed. I was. The cooking aspect was satisfactory. The meal was cooked thorough... no complaints.

Smiles were found throughout our time together. As the sun gave way, and dinner was over, no attention was paid to the Cuisinart Griddler. It quietly served its purpose. May your meals be as socially and culinarily satisfying.

In the future, I see using this as an auxiliary device, whether outside or inside, but not as a main cooking tool.

image: pre-veggie burger, mushrooms and onions