May 19, 2010

Effectively Opens Difficult Wine Bottles, Pedrini Wine & Bar 8-Inch Corkscrew, Soft Finish reviewed

The eight inches of my Pedrini corkscrew pierced the soft woody cork, pulling open the 750 milliliters of burgundy. A recent evening, in mid-May, we would toast the year. This was the twelfth month, and the last, before Nancy would leave. We always knew this bottle was to be shared, but hoped somehow it wouldn't open. It did.

Standard in its use, the corkscrew was twisted, then the arms are pushed down while the cork is lifted. Simple, and unfortunately, trustworthy. Its ease of use belied how daunted I was to employ it.

I poured the wine without even the dust of cork floating into the bottle.

Nancy, tonight, was as she always was, as she was the previous May when I met her in the cafe reading Beckett's "Waiting for Godot: A Bilingual Edition: A Tragicomedy in Two Acts (English and French Edition)." She, then, set down the play to smile, and we talked of her dreams of France.

Her lips had a whiskey tilt and Cheshire smile, disappearing with each grin and sigh. But her eyes saddened with a chardonnay tear, sweet with legs, but trickled down her wineglass figure, to the grim carpet below. The flight to Paris was the next morning.

It was not good until the last drop. But, if a corkscrew is needed that you can depend on when you do not have the strength to open the bottle, this is the one.


Pedrini Wine & Bar 8-Inch Corkscrew, Soft Finish