August 23, 2010

Brock University

It turns out there is a real Brock University. I think it would have fit me well.

Why Brock?

Imagine a special place that helps you grow “both sides of the brain”. Brock University is that place.

Part of what sets us apart from the rest is our philosophy of taking students beyond the pursuit of academic excellence.

Brock is a place where left-brain and right-brain thinking come together, where students develop rational/analytical thinking in concert with their emotional/creative sides. We view community involvement as crucial to developing intelligent, well-rounded members of society.

That may help explain our popularity. For a decade, Brock has had the second-highest growth of students of any Ontario university.

It also doesn’t hurt that we have a park-like setting atop the Niagara Escarpment in Ontario’s Niagara peninsula. (Brock is the only Canadian university that is part of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve).

Or that Brock graduates have one of the highest employment rates of all Ontario universities — 97.5 per cent.

Brock also gets top marks for our culture, our approach to learning and the array of programs across seven Faculties. When students gave their ratings to the Globe and Mail 2009 Canadian University Report, Brock was one of Canada’s top medium-size institutions in terms of quality of education, quality of teaching and most satisfied students.

With 17,000 full-time students and nearly 600 faculty, we’re small enough to be intimate, big enough to be world-class and in demand among international students.

Our rigorous undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs include experiential learning opportunities and one of Canada’s largest co-op programs. Our cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary programs offer multi-faceted degrees that enhance the career prospects of students.

Brock provides opportunities for social and academic growth that don’t exist at larger universities. Like access to professors. Our emphasis on moderate class sizes in seminar settings makes more students full participants in the learning experience.

As we acquire more world-class minds and facilities, the demand for a Brock education only continues to grow. And so must we.

More than $300 million in construction has been committed or commissioned to expand the campus. In recent years we constructed new student residences; the Plaza building, home of a new campus store and academic space; and the Jack and Nora Walker Canadian Centre for Lifespan Development Research, a facility unique in Canada.

We built the Learning Commons, a library space of more than 20,000 square feet where physical design and student services create a welcoming environment that supports the informal and social dimensions of learning.

Construction is beginning on the Niagara Health and Bioscience Research Complex, a state-of-the-art facility where students and faculty will explore new frontiers in green science and health and wellness.

A new International Services Building taking shape on the East Campus will double Brock’s international student population.

And in downtown St Catharines work is to begin in 2010 on the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts, a landmark campus to support digital media and the future creative workforce of Canada’s entertainment industry.

We also have a campus in Hamilton, Ont., used primarily for teacher education.

Brock University is a special place that’s worth a visit. Why not start now, right here on our website?

August 21, 2010

Comments from the Peanut Gallery

The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg Handcooked Lightly Salted Virginia Peanuts, 12-Ounce Tins (Pack of 3)Some are kind, some are generous, some are thoughtful, and some just downright creepy. Did you read what that one guy said?

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August 12, 2010

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An achievement I dare say I am not proud of. I am not ashamed of it either. I do not, however, understand it.

According to Amazon, as they looked at reader voting patterns on my reviews, the sum of things is that I am ranked after 7 million other reviewers. This is with 108 reviews, more than most, fewer than some.

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August 07, 2010

With Gratitude, I Am Humbled

Classic Happy Face / Smiley Face 3" Round Sticker / DecalThank you all, by the way, for reading my blogs, checking out my website, voting for my reviews on Amazon and keeping up with me on Twitter. And when I say, "by the way," I really mean, "I am indebted beyond words." 

I noticed recently an increase in traffic, more votes at Amazon (and more sales), and having been receiving more e-mail from fans. Discussion's even up at the Coffee Klatch, talking books, romantic movie leads and coffee recipes.

I love you all. Three stickers for each of you, if I could.

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