May 03, 2011

Cuts Construction Paper into Perfect Imperfection: review, Scotch Precision Bent Scissor, 8-Inches

The sleek matte steel finish of the Scotch Precision Bent Scissor sliced through the crisp green construction paper. That's all I wanted it do it, and now it is done.

Scotch Precision Bent Scissor, 8-Inches (1448B)The blades bit tightly on each side of the sheet. Crunching through, the edges of my project were straight and true. Sharp, yes, it is true, and magnificently so. Comfortable opening and closing the blades, the grips never slipped from my hold.

My project finished imperfectly, per my lack of skill and not the scissors' capacities: I fashioned snowflake-esque shapes as I bode my wait for a phone call. I expect these scissors to live a long life helping distract me from my impatience, and cutting more ordinary things such as coupons and queries from well-meaning politicians delivered by post.

May your scissors cut a sharp line in all your projects.


Scotch Precision Bent Scissor, 8-Inches (1448B)